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Zwetsloots Floriculture, Bedfordshire. Rudbeckia

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Use the tractor to plough and rotavate. Preparing the field for peony crop in bedfordshire

Zwetsloots Floriculture is a British cut flower growing business run by father and daughter, Karl and Clara Zwetsloot, located near Sandy in Northeast Bedfordshire.


We grow a rich variety of outdoor flowers using sustainable methods and in harmony with nature's seasonal rhythms. We strongly believe that British flowers are not only kinder to our environment but superior in freshness, quality and beauty than those flown in from overseas.


We sell our flowers to florists, farmers markets, local farm shops and directly to our customers. In our signature market bouquets, we seek to capture and celebrate the beauty of each season. Our customers can look forward to celebrating Spring with elegant ranunculus and blousy peonies, Summer with cheerful sunflowers and delicate snapdragons, and Autumn with striking dahlias and heirloom chrysanths.


The business was set up in winter 2022-3 with the planting of over 2000 peonies. 2023 was primarily a year for exploration, trials and observation. We grew a wide range of annuals and perennials to determine which were best suited to local soils and climate, to test vase life and ultimately to decide which varieties were most beautiful and enjoyable to grow. 2023 was also focused on building and acquiring the infrastructure for the business, including flower bunching sheds, a fridge and polytunnels, as a well as designing a brand and website.


In 2024, we plan to scale up our operation by significantly increasing our growing area so that we can attend more farmers markets, and supply our local farm shops and florists with high-quality, local, seasonal flowers from March to November.


This year, we are excited to be attending West Hampstead Farmers Market in London every Saturday from June alongside local monthly farmers markets such as the Gransdens Farmers Market.


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