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Cornelis Leonardus' former house and bulb fields in De Zilk, Holland (1990s)

The nursery in Sandy, Bedfordshire (1990s)

The Zwetsloot family has a Dutch heritage and a rich flowery history. They came from just north of Leiden, the heart of Bulb Region of Holland.

My great grandfather, Cornelis Leonardus Zwetsloot, who originally came from a dairy farming family, learnt the bulb trade from his uncle. He later took over his uncle's hyacinth nursery when the latter went bankrupt during the Great Depression in the 1930s. 

Cornelis sold many of his bulbs to country houses in the north of England and Scotland and so was a regular traveller to the UK. On the eve of the Second World War, he sought to set up a nursery here and, despite originally setting his sights on Spalding, settled in Sandy after observing the sandy soil from his train carriage window. 

My grandfather, Cornelius Leonardus Petrus Zwetsloot, one of 6 brothers, eventually took over the business, expanded it and spent his life growing flowers.

My father and I are excited to be reviving the family name, reestablishing ourselves in the world of horticulture but with a focus on British, seasonal flowers. 

Our Story

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