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Whilst being a keen gardener and having flower growing in my heritage, I am very much new to growing flowers on a large-ish scale and selling them. Aside from a smattering of RHS certificates, I have no background in plant science and zero prior experience arranging flowers. My father, Karl, has worked in finance in horticulture for much of his working life and so has some very useful knowledge to help us get started, but besides this, and I speak especially for myself, everything related to our new business venture is an exciting and new learning experience.


By writing this blog, I hope that readers will be able to learn with us. I intend to document our entire flower-growing journey, including our mistakes, successes, reflections and visions for the future. By sharing the journey, I hope to give insight into flower growing throughout the seasons and to celebrate a world I am rapidly falling in love with. I find that I learn much faster and generate fresh ideas when I reflect on experience and, by writing regularly, I also hope to improve my writing skills for some vague dream of writing in the future.


I look forward to sharing our experiences with you and hope that they can be of some use!



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